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DuramaxTuner 2016-2022 2.8L Duramax Stealth DT44 Turbo

DuramaxTuner 2016-2022 2.8L Duramax Stealth DT44 Turbo

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The Stealth DT44 Turbo is an upgraded direct replacement for your 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 LWN 2.8L Colorado / Canyon. Your brand new turbocharger comes with a larger and stronger billet compressor wheel, a custom spec oversized turbine wheel, and our exclusive HFV (High Flow Vane) technology. This means you'll have more peak power potential while maintaining optimal driveability. If you need a reliable upgrade for your failed stock turbo, or if you’re interested in better performance on a tuned truck, this is the perfect turbo upgrade for you. 

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

The 2016+ 2.8L Stealth DT44 Turbo is the most versatile turbo upgrade available for the LWN. This turbo fits like a stock OEM turbocharger, it just runs better in every way! The custom, oversized Stealth Nozzle Ring and oversized turbine wheel mean you can get on top of the turbo and make power quickly while the custom billet compressor wheel can supply 20% more airflow than stock.

Fly Under the Radar with your brand-new 2.8L Stealth DT44!

  • Airflow to support 20% more power than tune only
    • 180 hp baseline
    • 230 hp tune only
    • 300 hp DT44 + Custom Tuning + S&B Cold Air Intake + Injectors + Modified MAP Sensor
    • 520ftlbs of torque fully modified
  • Custom 10 Blade Billet Compressor Wheel
  • Thicker Compressor wheel blades than stock eliminate OEM blade folding issue
  • Custom Oversized Turbine Wheel
  • HFV (High Flow Vane) Technology
    • Custom Vane/Nozzle Ring Assembly
    • Exclusive design produced in-house specific to this application
    • Taller vanes match larger turbine to provide superior high-load efficiency
    • Retain quick throttle response
  • Brand New parts/ No Core Required
  • Quick response Journal Bearing center section

Swapping Your Actuator:

The DT44 utilizes your factory actuator. This component is easy to access and can be swapped onto your new DT44 Turbocharger with simple tools and basic mechanical skills.


Is this the right turbo for you?

●  YES! If you want peak power potential without having to build your engine.

●  YES! Assuming you need a drop-in replacement turbo with upgrades to prevent the failures your stock turbo had. 

●  YES! Only if reliability and performance make the top of your priority list.

●  YES! Especially if you tow with your truck. 

●  YES! Supposing that you want to make more power when you need it but still have excellent street manners.

●  YES! You like to upgrade what you can on your vehicles to get the best performance. 

Do You NEED an Upgraded MAP Sensor?

The factory MAP sensor on the LWN 2.8L Duramax reads up to 29 psi (gauge) or 45psi (ambient).  A 2.8L running  DuramaxTuner's custom EFILive tuning will command about 28 psi in the Sport Tune depending on altitude and temperature. That means your truck is at the limit of the MAP sensor with just tuning. If you want to make more power than a 'tune-only' truck and you care about driveability, you need an upgraded MAP sensor. 

A DT44 truck can be tuned without an upgraded MAP sensor to make more power than a stock turbo. However, it's dangerous. You will be relying on a custom tuner to safely set the min or max vane table in such a way as to keep the turbo safe.  Furthermore, you will see no more than the 29 psi of boost reported on electronic gauges.

  • Yes, you need an Upgraded MAP Sensor:
    • Want to reach 280 HP
    • Care about driveability
    • Rely on your truck as a daily driver
  • No, you probably won't need an Upgraded MAP Sensor:
    • Stock Tuning 
    • Not interested in peak power

Replaces GM part numbers:

  • 55506040
  • 55486936
  • 5506309
  • 5510314
  • 55486935
  • 55598230
  • 12641882

We are proud to offer our 1-Year Stealth Warranty with this product. 

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