Cummins Tuners

Tuning products for Cummins years we support:

Cummins- CMB (2006-2007.5) – The Tune Supply Shop

Cummins- CMC (2007.5-2009) – The Tune Supply Shop

Cummins- CMD (2010-2012) – The Tune Supply Shop

Cummins- CME (2013-2018) – The Tune Supply Shop

Cummins- CMF (2019-2021) – The Tune Supply Shop

We provide quality Cummins tuning, from MotorOps, for Cummins trucks from the 2006 5.9L, all the way to the 2021 6.7L. From pre emissions vehicles, to vehicles that have complex systems including EGR, DPF, SCR, and DEF. From a maximum safe horsepower with just tuning of 400 rwhp to almost 600 rwhp on the 2019, 2020, and 2021 Cummins. We have something available for everyone. 06-09 (CMB and CMC) Cummins are tuned using EFILive, and 10-21 (CMD, CME, and CMF) have the option of using EFILive or Ez Lynk. The 10-21 trucks have the option for Transmission Tuning as well.TCM tuning is only an option on 68RFE equipped trucks. There is no TCM tuning available for the Aisin transmission.

The overall goal of MotorOps tunes is very similar across the Cummins, Duramax, and Powerstorke trucks. Improve driveability, increase horsepower and torque, delete dead pedal, and enjoy your ride even more whether it's for work or play!