2007.5-2009 6.7L Cummins Platform

2007.5-2009 CMC Cummins

2007.5-2009 Cummins was the first year that the 6.7L was offered in pickup trucks. It was also the first year they came equipped with both an EGR and DPF system. As with most emissions systems, there has been no shortage of issues.

For tuning, EFILive is the platform of choice. We are able to get MM3 tuning by request, but we don’t sell any MM3 hardware.

A tune alone can add roughly 125rwhp, taking the roughly 300hp stock truck to about 425hp.  The horsepower increase is closer to 200rwhp with a modified transmission. EFILive offers the option for either a single tune or a switch on the fly tune that uses a Fish Tuning CSP switch. This switch plugs right into the OBD2 port, so it’s a very easy install. You can get an AutoCal V3 loaded with the tune file, or if you already have to programmer, the tune file can be emailed to you. Each vehicle you flash with an AutoCal programmer requires a new license, but the AutoCal is capable of tuning hundreds of vehicles.