Terms and Conditions

In some jurisdictions, depending on the manner that you are operating our product(s) it may be an offense to use the products for sale on this site. We do not condone the use of our products for any illegal purpose whatsoever. By purchasing any of our product(s) you acknowledge and approve all of the following:

  1. This product(s) will be used exclusively in accordance with all applicable laws. If you are in doubt as to the legality of your planned usage of this product, you will obtain independent legal advice prior to undertaking such use.

  2. That you are responsible for complying with all applicable laws in the jurisdiction where you use this product.

  3. That neither Tune Supply Shop, nor any of its agents, advisors, affiliates, directors, officers, employees, and associates, may be held liable, responsible, or accountable for any damages, losses, expenses, litigation or other legal proceeding, that may arise from your use of this product.

  4. That this product is not to be used, sold, advertised for sale, and/or offered for sale in the Province of Ontario by you or anyone, and that this product is not to be used on any vehicle within the Province of Ontario.

  5. That Tune Supply Shop does not accept or grant any refunds, exchanges, or account credits for any tuning or tuning related products once you have purchased the product regardless of whether they have been used or suit your needs.

Refund requests that are accepted, will have any credit card processing fees deducted from the total amount refunded. Some refunds can have up to a 20% restocking fee.