2023-2024 Powerstroke Tuning

The 23-24 Powerstroke is the newest RPO that we're adding to the tuning list. This product is a lot different than what we usually offer and may not be the best for all customers.

Here is a bit of a description of how the product and tune works.

You'll have to ship your ECM to a shop in Canada, where the ECM is bench flashed with the tune file.  It's a stock Ford file set up for off road use. The file is locked and unable to be edited, so there is no support or customization available on it. The flash will only work because it's a factory Ford file. There are very minimal horspower gains, but if you need off road tuning, it is the only option on the market currently. The ECM gets shipped back, you install it back in the truck, and you're ready to go.
It would require an exhaust, and a downpipe from a 20-22 Powerstroke. There is a filter on the downpipe that need to be removed for off road setups.                              
Please be aware of your local laws and regulations before removing any parts from your vehicle!
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