Duramax L5P TCM Unlock Options (T93 & T87A)

Duramax L5P TCM Unlock Options (T93 & T87A)

With the release of the 2020+ L5P transmission tuning, we wanted to discuss the different options available for unlocking the T93 TCM on the 10 speed L5Ps, as well as the T87A on the 17-19 6 speed vehicles.

For both the T93 and T87A, you have the option to:

1. Send a TCM to HPTuners to be unlocked (Unlock and Program Service).

2. Have an already unlocked TCM (Modified TCM) shipped to you.

The biggest benefit of getting the already unlocked one is that it saves any downtime from shipping your TCM to be unlocked, and HPTuners performing the Unlock Service. The main benefit of the unlock and program service is that it's less expensive.

For those who choose to get the Modified T93 TCM (2020+ trucks) there is a $550 CAD refundable core charge. Once you get your truck running on the modified TCM, you can send your Stock T93 back to have the core charge refunded.

For those with a 2017-2019 truck with the T87A TCM that choose to get the Modified TCM, the options are a bit different. When you purchase a Modified T87A TCM, the team at MotorOps will send a return label with it, giving you the option to send your Stock TCM back to them for $135 CAD (roughly $100 US)!

If you have any other question regarding L5P TCM tuning, please contact our team at info@tunesupplyshop.com

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